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Friday, November 14, 2014

How to find the programs I use?

Finding the most common programs (or apps) you use on your PC is helpful for more than one reason. If you purchasing a new computer you'll need to make note of these apps so you can get them installed on the new PC. If you have to get your PC repaired, its a good idea to also take  note of these in case they have to re-install the Operating System, which erases everything on the PC.

Most of the newer Windows Operating systems now have a Recent Programs section (shown below) on the Start Menu. This is the ever changing list on the left hand side of the Start Menu that appears when you click the Start/Windows button. This is a good place to start when identifying the programs you use most.  

Also, from within the Start Menu you can navigate to the All Programs link, which will open a list of all the installed Programs on your PC. Here you will want to slowly review the list of items and take note of any of them you'll want to use again on the new PC.

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