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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is Bigger Really Better? You'll need to know the answer to this when buying your next phone!

Your Tech Coach answers the "Do I need a bigger phone?" Question

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Ah, the age old question. Right?

You walk into your local tech super store or cell phone providers store and what do you see? Monster sized phones everywhere. Remember the time when everything was small? If you had a phone the size of a half dollar you were the envy of your friends? My how things have changed.
So you're in the market for a new phone, and you're not too sure about this whole screen size debate. How big do I need? How big is too big? Why do I even need a bigger screen? Here at Your Tech Coach, we're going to help you answer those questions.

Do I really need a bigger screen? 

Quite frankly, yes! Especially if you're coming from one the size of an iPhone 5 or older. Each day we use our phones for more and more than just making a phone call. We hold entire conversions via text. Seeing more than the last 3 lines of a message on your screen is extremely helpful. We browse our favorite social media outlets for the latest news and updates on our friends. We pay our bills, check our statements, take photos and share those photos with friends. Having a bigger screen will make every one of those tasks just a little easier and less strain your eyes. Especially as us older generations pick up the gadgets of the tech world live in today.

How big do I need?

I think this matters a lot on how you plan to carry the device. The bigger the screen the better AS LONG AS you can carry it comfortably. If you're a tight jeans wearing dude, or don't have big baggy pockets, stick with something around the 5" size like the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5. The extra large screen devices won't fit very comfortably in those pockets. If you carry a handbag, purse or backpack with you at all times, upgrade to the bigger iPhone 6+ or Note 4 sized devices. You've got the room and don't need it to fit in your pocket. So take advantage of it.

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Are bigger screens here to stay?

ABSOLUTELY!! Our phones are slowly replacing our PC'S for our everyday activities. Having a large screen to conduct your business on or take care of your everyday tasks is a must!

Here are a few of the top rated phones by size:

Standard Screen (5" or less):

Extra Large Screen (5"+):
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB (5.5-inch)

We want your feedback!

Do you have a newer phone with a larger screen? Let us know what you have in the comments section below, and let us know what you think of it. Would you go bigger or smaller next time?

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